Tile in Pipe Collar

Without our Tile in Pipe Collar it would take on average 20-40 minutes to actually cut a hole out of a tile; even an experienced, highly skilled tiler would find it hard to achieve a professional finish and for a novice this would be impossible

With our Tile in Pipe Collar it takes ONLY 10 minutes to achieve the perfect finish with this product - for both the professional tradesman and the novice DIY enthusiast!

With the process of installation in mind each unit is developed to save time and cost during the installation process.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Slide The Tile Toilet Trim over the pipe
  2. Allow the adhesive to squeeze though the anchoring holes
  3. Simply cut your tiles to suit
  4. Then fit your tiles and grout the plate of the product
    Suitable for tiles up to 10mm thick